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In 2008 entire world has witnessed the global financial downturn. In that very period online web business stands out as the main employer for people round the world. SEO or search engine optimization is a standard for such on line web business which decides greatly the traffic rate and thereby traffic on the part of a site. Internet has revolutionized the way people think about work. Web sites have become mandatory tool in the global marketing strategy. Web directory contains list of several sites and pages that are accessed by applying certain keywords on search engines like Google. Directory submission is the way of submitting a page or web site into the World Wide Web. It is a method of SEO Toronto and being adopted greatly by several hosts. It has got important parts which promotes one’s site or page over Internet. Incoming and back links perform an important role in web traffic building and promotion. Incoming links are required to bring in traffic to a new site and thereby to bring it to everyone’s notice. It helps to reach to the best and top position in web promotion in major search engines. Keyword optimization is an important aspect that cannot be neglected as such SEO deals in the use of proper keywords that can get the maximum traffic hits and thereby making the search complete. Back links are also essential to come to the root site which is providing the links to further information. It is also essential to get short listed by search engine result pages. For SEO Toronto is a tough place to make a choice because there are so many companies to choose from.


A web directory is a store house of files and sites. Whenever a user types for any information on a search engine then the search engine redirects it to the main server which further looks into its memory for the specified directory containing the file. But the directory lot is prepared by submitting information into it. Thus for a new site to come into the search result of search engine it needs to be stored into the web directory. Generally such directory submission is done by two ways mainly automatic and manual submission ways. In automatic submission, a software takes care of the procedure and includes them into the directory listing. It is rather cheap and takes little time to complete the process. But more importantly, it fails to meet the necessary rankings and indexing as required for promotion and optimization. In the manual method, such submission is done by the owner of the site himself and he searches for online web directories for submission. It is although time-consuming but it helps to build effective links and also aids in better ranking and indexing tasks. Overall the manual process is better than automatic one as it includes certain customization steps before final submission.


However, the benefits of web directory submission cannot be neglected. It is very essential and has become an inevitable part of web hosting services.

Web directory helps in getting one’s site being listed in major search engines within the shortest possible time. It also increases the visibility options of any site in order to get chosen for publication. It also assists in certain levels of brand building by including the creator of the site in terms of certain text formatting. It also helps in building a relevant link by means of incoming and back links so that it comes before all easily.

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